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A peaceful, efficient, dignified divorce

"I cannot say enough positive things about Monica and her mediation services. What I anticipated being so complicated and stressful; she broke down into steps that were manageable and feasible. She was always professional, courteous and reliable. We both continuously felt she acted in a fair and collaborative way to assist us in our goal of staying amiable and respectful. I would highly recommend her mediation services". Mediation Client

Divorce Mediation Attorney - Monica Vantoch, J.D.

Meet Monica Vantoch, who has successfully helped thousands of clients reach divorce settlements. Her efficient process includes a full legal analysis and agreements in typically less than 3-5 sessions.

Monica pioneered this efficient divorce mediation process, training other mediators and organizations in her divorce mediation method, who still continue to use her model.

With almost twenty years divorce mediation specialization, Monica designed a unique program that provides couples an efficient, high quality legal mediation, reaching resolution often within weeks.

Our Divorce Mediation Approach

Want to stay out of court but protect yourself legally?

Need an affordable and efficient mediator?

Monica Vantoch, J.D., is a family law attorney and a trained mediator, so you get the benefit of both in every session.  She will explain your legal rights and offer solutions. Our small office ensures we know who you are, and you won’t be forgotten or face long delays. She will help you get through this. Efficiently.

Individual Consultations &
Collaborative Divorce

Are you ready to move forward but your spouse isn’t?

Do you want a lawyer’s advice, but want to stay out of court?

Whether you are just starting a divorce or midway through, individual consultations with Monica Vantoch, J.D.,. Monica can work as your collaborative attorney communicating directly with your spouse, negotiating on your behalf to reach an agreement and advising you along the way. If you need more support than mediation can offer, collaborative divorce gives you ‘on call’ attorney support, while keeping you out of court.

Uncontested Divorce &
Single Session Completion

Are you short on time and energy?

Do you want an efficient process?

Monica Vantoch, J.D., can help with the few legal pieces you need and leave the rest to you! Many divorces are able to efficiently be completed in one meeting. Uncontested divorces can save over $400 on filing fees. Keep your simple divorce, simple.