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Divorce Mediation Attorney In Santa Clara

Your money is precious, and so is your time. Spouses that are capable of moving through a streamlined approach will  value these focused, targeted sessions, while ensuring all relevant financial and legal information is shared and provided.

Monica Vantoch is a recommended mediation attorney with the Santa Clara Superior Court for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

She specializes in providing an efficient divorce process for middle-high asset couples aiming to streamline their divorce process.

Where necessary, Monica utliizes her network of divorce professionals that offer clients efficient business valuations, contract review, tax guidance or coparenting expertise without the long delays.

Santa Clara County Family Law filings can have long delays and frequent rejection of divorce filing paperwork. The Santa Clara County Superior Court direct filing and self help center is located in San Jose, CA. Working with our office can ensure a smooth filing process in Santa Clara County that will make the finalization of your divorce paperwork more efficient. Our office can coordinate filing, service without having to hire a process service, and assistance in ensuring privacy needs are met.

Learn more through a same day, individual inquiry call with her paralegal, or Monica, directly.

Get more information about our divorce mediation services in Santa Clara by calling (831) 429-4210.

How Long Does It Take?

Clients usually need on average 3-4 sessions of 1 ½ -2 hours long. If you already have agreements, we can do everything in 1 session! (see our Uncontested Divorce Attorney Mediation Services). We always will move at a pace that you are both ok with.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Monica meets with you both together. Always. She provides key legal information so you understand your rights, while keeping it simple and efficient. You never feel you are wasting time in circular conversations but rather completing a task-focused process. A Few Joint Sessions follow this structured process:

  • How to Complete your Divorce:
    • Immediate legal and financial protections
    • Options on starting the divorce filing
    • Ways to save on filing fees
  • Legal Help with your Assets and Debts:
    • You each complete the Assets & Debts Forms
    • We review them together, explain relevant law, & offer expert tips
  • Legal Guidelines for Child and Spousal Support:
    • You each complete the Income & Expense forms (with tax information)
    • We review them together & run the Dissomaster (support) calculation
  • Custody Law & Help
  • Options and Final Agreement:
    • If you haven’t already reached an agreement (many people have!), we will offer you expert solutions
    • You review the draft agreement from home (you can have someone else review it with you, like a consulting attorney)
    • The final agreement gets filed with court and becomes a legal order.