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Online Divorce Mediation

Many clients ask if zoom mediation is still due to COVID or if clients are finding other benefits today to zoom. The answer is yes, the list of benefits is long. Over the COVID years, mediation research has taught us that the benefits of mediation over zoom have equaled, if not superceded the benefits of in-person mediation. 

In short, clients are consistently choosing zoom sessions over in person mediation sessions for many of the reasons listed above. Many clients less familiar with zoom are initially hesitant, and quickly appreciate the benefits of at home sessions.

Our staff can assist, if you are unfamiliar with zoom, we can help! Just let us know upon scheduling.

Benefits of Online Divorce Mediation

  • Comfort in one's own home/space
  • Physical separation from their spouse
  • Ability to "caucus" (take turns individual talking to each person, if preferred by both parties)
  • Avoiding traffic and travel time
  • Saving costs in the meditation as sessions tend to be more efficient
  • Reduced delays and cancellations with illness, travel or children home from school
  • Ease in sharing and organizing financial documents
  • Confidentiality in private meeting space rather than a public building
  • Reduced emotional content/conflict

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