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Uncontested Divorce &
Single Session Completion

"It was about 1/10th of attorneys fees because she clarified the law for us together in mediation. She was efficient and we only needed two sessions. We couldn't believe how affordable she was". Mediation Client

If your assets are simple enough and conflict is not high, many clients are able to meet for one 2-hour session to address all legal matters, and walk out with a plan for a final agreement. Our offices will efficiently prepare the agreement and paperwork to complete your divorce without delay. If you only need a little help, uncontested divorce attorney services (DIY Divorce) allow you to get the little bit of legal expertise you need while managing the rest yourself. Many divorces are simple enough to do most of the work on your own, including filing with the Self-Help Center.

Our Divorce Is Simple. If I Am Handling Most of Our Divorce on My Own, What Part Would I Need Help With?

The process itself can be confusing. This sometimes causes people to pay more in filing fees and do more forms than necessary. A few tips and tricks will make your asset separation easier and ensure the agreements you make are legal and will be upheld down the road.

One Meeting with Monica Provides:

  • all the concentrated law you need (with handouts);
  • resources on how to do the rest yourself;
  • how to save on filing fees & taxes;
  • legal tips on separating your assets (the meeting can be individual or with your spouse)

and A Written Final Agreement:

  • The written agreement ensures you are both protected and have no problems down the road (including with taxes or creditors). It gets filed with the court and becomes legally binding.

What if I Am Using the Self-Help Center Already?

Great. The Self Help Center will help you at no cost with your divorce filing. This is one key part. You will still need to agree on your assets, debts, child & spousal support and custody.  This will need to be written into a  final agreement (or “Marital Settlement Agreement”). This is the part that most people need help with.

What if I Am Using a Paralegal to File My Divorce Forms?

Great. Your paralegal will save you having to file the court forms on your own and having to go to the Self-Help Center in Watsonville (at the Santa Cruz County Superior Court). In our meeting we can focus on the legal information or advice you need.

What if My Spouse Told Me to Handle Everything Myself and S/He Would Sign Off?

Great. There will be a few steps that s/he will need to do as well. We can help make this as easy for him/her as possible. Even though you may have an agreement and things may be very simple, you still have to jump through a few hoops for your legal divorce to go through. We can tell you which steps you can skip and how to keep it simple. Call us at (831) 429-4210 if you have more questions or to schedule an appointment.